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Peak 301

How to save the life of an asphalt shingle.

This is what happens as the chemistry-correcting formula works its way through your roof.

First things first!

Green Soy starts at the surface of each shingle to create a membrane that stretches across your entire roof and helps protect against the elements, season after season. You get an extra barrier on top of the old shingle to help protect better than your original shingle ever could.

But Wait! There’s More!

This science is more than skin deep. Peak 301’s formula is designed to penetrate the different pockets within each shingle’s unique molecular makeup evenly distributing itself throughout the entire shingle’s makeup. This is more than just a spray on, it’s a total molecular alteration!

One more thing…

As it soaks into those pockets, Peak 301 triggers chemical reactions inside the shingle’s asphalt components to target the existing effects of age, weather and wear.

The chemical reactions work together to create – shingle by shingle, molecule by molecule – a roof that’s truly transformed under the microscope and even looks renewed to the naked eye.

Here’s where Peak 301 can help:

Flexibility for a long, long time.

Flexibility is the X-factor for your roof. When a tree branch or hailstone hits one of the asphalt shingles on your roof, flexibility is the difference between bouncing back and snapping in half.

Of course, shingles have to sit under the sun and bake out in the heat. That’s why flexibility is often the first feature to deteriorate, just before you see the sure signs of an unpreventable roof replacement: cracking and curling.

Peak 301 is formulated to specifically soften the asphalt that holds the shingle together, and as a result, restores flexibility by nearly 50%. Other products on the market can only manage about 20%.

Grit retention.

A healthy roof has a lot of grit. That’s because the granule textures across the surface are the first line of defense for everything below, including the soft underbelly of the roof and the bedrooms just under that.

Peak 301 strengthens the actual structure of the shingle to provide the weatherproofing foundation those granules need to withstand whatever the world throws at ‘em throughout the next decade.

Left untreated, asphalt shingles lose more than double the amount of grit compared to shingles treated with Peak 301.

Intercellular penetration.

The problem with other products is, by design, only the roof’s surface receives reinforcement. Once that superficial layer wears away, your roof is right back where it started.

Peak 301 works like a molecular cleanse to flush out brittle, breakable elements from the asphalt shingle that could otherwise cause leaks and lead to premature roof replacement.

How? Researchers at Iowa State University developed a new kind of rejuvenating formula that takes an active role in the absorption process to reach every single part of every single shingle.