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Don’t Replace Your Roof!
Restore it!

Green Soy is an all-natural, do-it-all answer for aging asphalt shingles: an application of chemistry-correcting formula that’s guaranteed to give your roof years of life.

Save Thousands & Extend the life of your roof 6 to 10 years!

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What is Fresh Roof &

Green Soy?

Fresh Roof has joined forces with Green Soy, which boasts certified applicators across the United States and Canada. Green Soy provides a sustainable solution to worn out asphalt shingles by using a cutting-edge roof restoration process created by molecular experts at Iowa State University, giving property owners an extended lifespan for their roof.

Green Soy is a brand new way to rejuvinate your roof without having to replace it and give it an extended life. It can even give further protection to your brand new roof. It’s really that amazing.

A Good Roof is EASY to Forget!

Green Soy adds years to your roof, so you can forget about it… again!

  • Reverses day-to-day shingle damage from UV Rays.
  • Rebuilds molecular structures inside shingles for added protection.
  • Readies your roof for hits from hail and other debris.
  • Refreshes your roof’s appearance for the whole neighborhood to see!

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